Bolsa de Valores de Mocambique
ARCO 100.00
CDM 36,25
CETA 120,00
CMH 3.750,00
EMOSE 7.00
HCB 3,00
REVIMO 12,750.00
TOUCH 100.00
ZERO 20,00
BAYPORT 2016 I 22,50%
BAYPORT 2016 II 25.5000%
BAYPORT 2018 Série I 18.3700%
BAYPORT 2018 Série II 22.0000%
BAYPORT 2019 Série I 20.0000%
BAYPORT 2019 Série II 19.0000%
BAYPORT 2020 Série I 16.0000%
BAYPORT 2020 Série II 14.0100%
BNI 2016 S1 11.0000%
BNI 2019 S1 13.0000%
CM 2017 16.000%
CM 2018 17.0000%
OPPOR 2018 S2 21.5000%
OT 2005 S2 8.0000%
OT 2017 S2 9,5625%
OT 2017 S4 12.9375%
OT 2017 S5 12.0625%
OT 2017 S6 14.9375%
OT 2017 S7 14.9375%
OT 2018 S1 9,5625%
OT 2018 S2 9.50%
OT 2018 S3 12.2500%
OT 2018 S4 12.0625%
OT 2018 S5 12.0000%
OT 2018 S6 11,0625%
OT 2018 S7 9,5625%
OT 2018 S8 9,5625%
OT 2018 S9 9,50%
OT 2018 S10 12.4375%
OT 2018 S11 12.2500%
OT 2018 S12 12.0625%
OT 2019 S2 12.0000%
OT 2019 S3 10.9375%
OT 2019 S4 9,5625%
OT 2019 S5 9,50%
OT 2019 S6 12.2500%
OT 2019 S7 12,9375%
OT 2019 S8 10,0000%
OT 2019 S9 12.0000%
OT 2020 S1 12.0000%
OT 2020 S2 12.0000%
OT 2020 S3 12.000%
OT 2020 S4 12.0000%
OT 2020 S5 12.0000%
OT 2020 S6 10.0000%
OT 2020 S7 12.0000%
OT 2020 S8 12.0000%
OT 2020 S9 10.0000%
OT Fornecedores 2019 1.8750%
SMM 2020 20.0000%
SMM 2020 ALC80 20.0000%
STB 2015 SUB 3S 18.7500%
OT 2020 S10 10.0000%

In 1997, the Government of Mozambique, through the Ministry of Planning and Finance, set up the "Steering Committee of the Mozambique Stock Exchange", whose mission was to promote the organisation of the capital market in Mozambique, namely at the level of setting up the necessary institutional and legal structures and, as well as the establishment of a Stock Exchange, a structure which was thought to be the most appropriate in order to give shape to the functioning of an organised secondary market of securities.

Although the period deemed necessary for the structuring of the stock exchange elapsed, the Steering Committee had been vested with enough powers for the organisation of the activities of the Stock Exchange in order to enable its proper functioning. In addition to that, it was also equipped with the necessary financial resources, provided by both the Mozambican Government and the World Bank.

As a result of the activities developed by the Steering Committee, the Council of Ministers approved the legal instruments for the operation of the Mozambique Stock Exchange (BVM), especially Decrees 48/98 and 49/98, dated September 22, namely the Regulation of the Securities Market and on the Establishment of the Mozambique Stock Exchange and its Internal Regulation.

 Mozambique Stock Exchange is a legal entity of public law, with the nature of a public institute, endowed with administrative, financial and patrimonial autonomy. BVM is responsible for the creation and maintenance of premises and systems equipped with the necessary means for the operation of a free and open market for the purchase and sale of securities. BVM also provides registration, clearing, settlement and disclosure services of sufficient and timely information on the transactions carried out.

Note that BVM is composed of the Board of Directors (comprised of at least three members and a maximum of five members appointed by the Minister of Finance, one of whom is proposed, albeit with a non-binding nature, by the Stock Exchange operators) and Supervisory Board (comprised of 3 members, appointed by order of the Minister of Finance, of whom one presides the board).

At the level of the Stock market, in addition to the "brokerage firms" and the "financial brokerage companies", the financial intermediation activity, under Law 15/99 of November 01 (regulating the establishment and activities of Credit Institutions and Financial Companies), can be developed by credit institutions. However, only financial intermediaries that become stockbrokers may trade directly on the Stock Exchange.

The securities market supervisory board is the Bank of Mozambique, to which various duties, as provided for in article 4 of Decree 48/98 of September 22, can be attributed, in addition to matters attributed to it by Law.

Moreover, the way in which the market is organised and structured, namely the duties of intermediaries in the execution of any operations and provision of other services, professional secrecy to which financial intermediaries abide by, the reporting obligations imposed on the issuers and to the Stock Exchange itself, the regime applicable to crimes and misdemeanours in the market, and finally, the nature of the Bank of Mozambique's duties, create the necessary conditions for the effective functioning of the market, according to high standards of integrity, regularity, normality and transparency.

It should be stressed that in the course of its activities, Mozambican Stock Exchange complies with and enforces the existing legislation and regulations, which establish a range of mechanisms aimed at establishing effective means for investor protection. This is the case, in particular, of all legal provisions regarding the information to be provided by the entities with listed securities, as well as the conditions of the operations and, in particular, the conditions for the exercise of Financial intermediation activity.

On the other hand, Mozambique Stock Exchange has actively developed a set of tasks in the context of investor support, in particular private investors, namely in the provision of clarifications related to market intervention and exercise of rights.